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Interior Concrete Surfaces

Scoring and Coloring

We can create a surround sound retainer wall
with specialty lighting features for you.

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We can re-new your existing concrete surfaces also,
with our Stain-Crete products. We have several designs and
colors to choose from without removing your structure.
You now can have a varied marble like stone appearance,
with the use of our specialty stains and application procedures.

have that tile like or slate design, without the cost and time of
a tile setter. Here are just a few photos of the designs
and colors that can be achieved with IMPRINTED SURFACES.

Servicing: South Eastern Pennsylvania:
Southern New Jersey & Jersey shore
and Northern Delaware.

We are also involved in providing rental of tools and supplies to contractors as well as sending a two man crew to contractors to provide the surface preparation and application of colored materials and Imprinting the design of there choosing for the job of their choice. You choose the design, color, texture and we make it simply beautiful.

We are a multi service provider to many as well as consulting and overseeing, with over 24 years of experience to the decorative industry.